Custom Size

Do you have an existing cabinet that’s in need of a refresh that isn’t IKEA or BUNNINGS?

In most cases existing Doors, Drawer Fronts, Panels & Filler pieces can be replaced, allowing for a more cost-effective renovation.
It will depend on your specific situation so if it’s not something you’re familiar with it’s best to get a professional tradesperson to review your scenario and discuss what may or may not be possible. They can also help take the required measurements for the replacement pieces and help with the installation process.
Any carpenter or builder should be able to assist, or you can review our list of recommended installers here.

Click the Button below to enter your product measurements into our Custom Size Calculator.

How to order your Custom Size pieces

Enter the requirements of each item, one by one & add to cart. *MAKE SURE YOU READ THE MEASURING GUIDE.*

1 - Choose the Finish (Painted, Unpainted, Laminate or Veneer)

2 - Choose the Profile

*Please note that not all Profiles are available in all finishes.

3 - Choose the Colour. For Painted Items please enter the Colour Name & Code into the Field.

(This option does not appear if you select Unpainted (Raw).)

4 - Choose the Type of Product (Door, Drawer or Panel).

5 - Choose your Hinge Option: With or Without Hinges

("NO"= no hinges are provided & no hinge holes will be predrilled.

"YES"= hinges will be provided & hinge holes will be drilled for an additional A$30 per item.)

6 - Enter the Exact Width & Height of the item in millimetres.

*Please note there are Min & Max lengths for each.  

7 - Choose the Quantity

8 - Add to cart

Order Custom Items

Measuring Guide (PDF)


Installation Guide (PDF)



All Drawer Fronts and Panels are undrilled, with no hardware. You will need to drill these onsite.

  • If you are re-using your existing hinges (or purchasing hinges elsewhere), make sure you select "No Hinges & Undrilled". 
  • If you have selected "Hinge & Drilling" the doors will come with hinge holes drilled & hinges to fit. 
  • We do not provide vertical lift or corner hinges.
  • You will need to order your items undrilled and supply & install your own hinges onsite.
  • Panels that are routed or cut-out (Slim Shaker/ Shaker/ French Shaker) will have a high risk of bowing, the larger the item. 
  • Custom pieces are made to order and cannot be returned or refunded so make sure you triple check before placing the order.