How It Works

The Concept

Combine affordable cabinetry from IKEA or BUNNINGS and use our Doors, Sides & Tops instead, to create a custom look, for less!
What makes the combination of Customea and IKEA a great choice?
Well for one, when you buy an IKEA (or BUNNINGS) kitchen/ wardrobe or tv unit, you have the option to not purchase their doors - which is not something you can find elsewhere in the cabinetry industry.
Since the doors and drawer faces of your cabinets play a crucial role in defining the room, why not upgrade them beyond what IKEA or BUNNINGS offers?
Our products integrate seamlessly with IKEA & BUNNINGS hardware and are to be installed in exactly the same way you would with their items.
With our Custom Size options you can now customise any cabinet brand, with a huge variety of profiles & finishes to choose from!

Made to Fit:


METOD (Kitchen)
BESTA (TV Unit/ Storage)
PAX (Wardrobe)




Any Brand, Any Cabinet

The Process

1. Measure

Measure the space you are wanting to renovate.

You will need this for any Design & Planning consultations (with us or IKEA).

2. Design & Plan

Plan your layout- choose the cabinets & accessories you need.


  • Book in with us.
  • Book in with IKEA.
  • Use the IKEA online planning software.

3. Order

Choose your Customea items from the Online shop and Add to Cart.

Or use our “Build My Cart” service and we’ll do it for you (for a $150 fee, redeemable upon purchase.)

4. Install

Your Customea items will arrive in 3-6 weeks.

Follow the IKEA instructions to easily install your pieces. Or
find a qualified installer here.

Price Examples


IKEA Items: $240

  • 2 BESTA Cabinets 120x40x38
  • 4 Hinges (2 pack)

Customea Items: $1,612

  • 1 Top 244x42cm $480
  • 2 sides 42x38cm $180
  • 4 Doors 60x38cm $820
  • 4 Swell handles (M) Oak $132

TOTAL: $1,852


IKEA Items: $270

  • 1 PAX Wardrobe frame 100x58x236cm $210
  • 2 KOMPLEMENT Hinges (4 pack) $60
    (Interior fit out= extra)

Customea Items: $2,440

  • 2 sides- Plain, 60x236cm $1,140
  • 2 Doors- Shaker, 50x235cm $1,300

TOTAL: $2,710


IKEA Items: $4,219

  • Cabinets, Drawers, Hinges, Lighting

Customea Items: $10,135

  • Doors, Drawer Fronts, Panels, Plinths (Slim Shaker- Custom Colour, American Oak Veneer)

Customea Accessories: $671

  • Handles & Knobs

TOTAL: $15,025

Appliances & Sink (all IKEA): $4,595

Tap (Yabby): $393

Benchtop & Splashback (Caesarstone 12mm Porcelain): $9,118

TOTAL: $29,131

*excludes delivery, installation costs & associated trades (Plumber, Electrician, Tiler).

Have questions? View our FAQs for more information.